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Reiki sessions in English

Reiki sessions in English

The origin of 80-90% of diseases or ailments that humans suffer, is because of our emotions and thoughts. In this way, our emotions and thoughts play an important role in both the appearance of the disease as well as its course and evolution.

Reiki works from a holistic point of view, and that means treating human being as a whole. Reiki searches for the cause of the unbalanced party that causes illness, not the effect of it, that’s why it works. The effectiveness of Reiki has been demonstrated in all kinds of ailments, physical or psychological illnesses, even helping to eliminate harmful habits or patterns of inappropriate behavior.

Each session, depending on the needs of the patient and the disease or condition lasts betweent 45 minutes and one hour.

We must bear in mind that Reiki is a complementary therapy to conventional medicine, NEVER SUBSTITUTIVE, and the therapist acts as a mere channel. He is not the cause of the patient’s recovery, nor can issue any diagnosis of their condition.

At first it is advisable to perform 4 sessions, due to the fact that Reiki works progressively, although in the first session you can feel the results.

About what you can deal with REIKI the answer is ALL: punctual or chronic physical illnesses, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, flu, headaches, migraines …; It is also effective in treating emotions or states such as aggression, anger, angst, etc.

The patient only has to remain lying comfortably on a stretcher, without removing any clothing, dressed, closing his eyes and relaxing, surrounded by pleasant music and the smell of some incense.

The therapist does the rest, placing hands on different parts of the body, without even touching it, so that the energy begins to flow.

Rwiki, like any other therapy including conventional medicine offers no guarantee of healing, although thousands of patients and more than five hundred US hospitals use this technique as an alternative medicine due to its efficacy. We teach our pacients that they have a great part in their own healing process, changing some habits and moving forward makes a great difference and helps with the Reiki healing work.

In Spain it has been recently introduced at the Hospital 12 de Octubre, at the Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, San Juan de Dios and Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona where he is giving great results in patients with terminal illnesses and children with cancer, minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy.

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